Chris LaFrance Tampa Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Chris LaFrance Tampa Collaborative Divorce Attorney

collaborative divorce lawyer

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

We are proud to announce LaFrance Law’s, Chris LaFrance, recently became a certified Collaborative Divorce Attorney. This family law certification means that Chris LaFrance was extensively trained to negotiate mutually beneficial compromise that creates a friendlier and more peaceful environment for all the involved parties going through a divorce. Collaborative Divorce is advantageous to couples wishing to end their marriage without the usual anger and resentment divorces can bring to families.

In a collaborative divorce, both parties and their attorneys pledge to work in a cooperative manner to find and implement solutions to any disputes the divorcing couple may have in their individual case. Also, its focus is to see that the children aren’t affected in a negative way during the divorce process.

The three basic principles of Collaborative Divorce:

1. A pledge not to litigate the case.
2. The honest exchange of information by both spouses.
3. The quest for a mutually acceptable solutions taking into account the priorities of both parties and their children.

The collaborative approach to divorce requires mutual respect, civil communication, mutually acceptable solutions. While you may no longer be spouses, you do not cease being parents and decent human beings. When respect is given and received and when the couple approaches the dissolution process with a “win-win” attitude, solutions and negotiations are more productive, making it easier to reach an agreement.

Collaborative Divorce means that you do not have to go to court, in essence, it’s a no court divorce. The spouses seeking a dissolution can better control the decisions affecting their lives, their assets and their children.

As a certified Collaborative Divorce Lawyer, Chris LaFrance can help ease the anxiety and turmoil that divorce can cause, and provide solutions to resolve your marriage in the most peaceful, family friendly way. Even the most resilient children can feel the emotional burden of divorce. Let Chris LaFrance help you keep the peace to find an amicable resolution to your case.

If you and your spouse are considering divorce and are seeking a peaceful resolution rather than the usual adversarial approach then call Chris LaFrance Tampa Collaborative Divorce Attorney at (813) 930-5542.

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