Co-parenting After Divorce


Co-Parenting after Divorce Co-parenting after a divorce is difficult. For most people, getting along with their former spouse in the parenting process was already challenging during the marriage. There can be communication, trust, and emotional barriers that still linger between the two parties even after the marriage is resolved. But when children are involved, you must co-parent in a way that protects your child and brings them the most emotional stability.

Here are some behaviors to avoid:

-Do not disrespect or sabotage your child’s relationship with the other parent

-Do not try to hurt or “get back” at your ex by using your child as a pawn or to collect information

-Do not force your child to choose sides in scheduling or planning conflict

-Do not depend on your child for companionship and support because you are hurt (they are not adults and are should not be responsible for your emotional care)

-Do not make your child feel guilty about having a good time with your ex or spending time with their family

Keep moving toward actions that feel peaceful and bring happiness to your lives. Make sure you are communicating with your ex in a way that is concise and direct to avoid misunderstandings and conflict. Communication should be focused on problem-solving and meeting the needs of the children affected by your divorce. Be helpful to one another and understanding, but also clear about your boundaries and needs.

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