Common Divorce Mistakes that Women Make

Common Divorce Mistakes Women Make

According to Forbes, there are some costly mistakes that women make when going through a divorce. Here are a few that we see in many of the divorce cases that we represent:

Texting in Anger

Texting leaves a digital trail and will often be saved only to be presented out of context. Consider taking deep breaths and contemplating sending the text message off. It can be helpful to write in a journal all of your thoughts and if the next day you feel the same way then you could send what you wrote in a text or email.

Social Media Posts

The things that you post on social media can be presented against you in court. Status updates, online photo albums, comments, tweets, and Instagram photos can all be used as evidence to contradict statements previously made. They can help prove infidelity, mishandling of assets, emotional instability, alcohol/drug use and more.

Being Too Hard on Yourself

Your health is the most important thing and putting yourself first in a time like this is important to make sure you can still be your best self. Talking to someone you trust may help you to get all of your feelings out because keeping your thoughts to yourself can be destructive.

Keeping Joint Accounts Open

If you share a joint credit card or, you will want to close it so that one spouse is not going on a shopping spree with the money from your shared finances. You’ll want to get a bank account with your own name on it and put your own money in it until your finances are divided.

Dating Too Soon

Dating before your divorce is finalized could jeopardize your case. Even though it is comforting to have support during this difficult time, wait until your divorce has cleared. Dating can be misrepresented as adultery if the marriage is not fully dissolved.

Failing to Learn From Your Divorce

Take time to look at your relationship… what worked? What didn’t? It is good to take away what went badly with the relationship and why it led to a divorce. Decide on how you will handle those situations if they occur in the future.

Not Being Aware of Your Rights

You are entitled to an equitable portion of the marital assets. Don’t think that because you did not want the divorce that you should be able to keep a larger portion of the assets. It does not matter who wanted the divorce when a judge determines how property will be divided.

LaFrance Law can give you a personal consultation on how to avoid these potentially costly mistakes and others to ensure the most favorable divorce outcome that is possible in your case.