Divorce Advice – Chris LaFrance Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Advice – Chris LaFrance Tampa Divorce Lawyer

We understand how overwhelming and scary divorcing your spouse can feel. It’s hard to think clearly and make good decisions during a highly charged emotional time. Every time I have an alimony modification or custody modification client hire me, I hear, “Looking back I wished I had done things differently.” It’s only once they move past the emotional time they often see where the results of the stress and how it affected their decision-making process and ultimately, hurt them in the long run.

Chris Lafrance Tampa Divorce Lawyer is experienced and can share some important tips with you:

1. Hire the right divorce attorney – You should feel comfortable speaking your divorce lawyer. Further, you should feel confident that they are qualified to understand your needs and help you get the outcome you desire.

2. Don’t move out too fast.

3. Gather all your and your spouse’s financial information (including debts).

4. If children are involved try to put what is best for them first. It’s easy to get caught up in the pain of divorce and forget that your children are scared and confused too.

5. Consult your divorce lawyer before you concede or sign anything.

6. During the divorce take a break from social media.

7. Understanding that a divorce is not a sprint, but a marathon.