Divorce Advice: Moving Out of Your Shared Home

Divorce: Moving Out of a Shared HomeDivorce Advice from Tampa Divorce Lawyer

As Tampa divorce lawyers we have often heard of one’s partner coming home and saying, “I am moving out.” This usually occurs after an often painful period of deliberation, and they are the ones who are ready to dissolve the marriage and want to be out of the home. Sometimes in cases like these, the spouse may not have any interest in keeping the shared home after the marriage ends.

But other times, even if one spouse wants out and the couple discusses dissolving the marriage it still isn’t clear who should be out of the home.

Our advice as Tampa divorce lawyers: If you are contemplating ending your marriage, do not rush to move out of your home.

We understand that moving out can feel like the most peaceful resolution, but you need to know the full impact of your actions. This is the time to hire a Tampa divorce lawyer and ask for guidance. As experienced divorce attorneys, we know that moving out of the home will have an impact in property division later on. We recommend talking it through with a divorce attorney. We can help you see the big picture clearly, and prevent you from being coerced, bullied or rushed. We can also help you make a logical and peaceful separation plan. It is important to make a well thought out decision when leaving the home during your initial separation.

As Tampa divorce lawyers we see what happens when a spouse feels like they got bull-dozed by the Florida Divorce Law just because they moved out of the shared home. In moments of anger and frustration try to take your time and a few deep breaths, then call a divorce lawyer so they can help you protect your rights.