5 Steps for Filing for Divorce

Five Important Things to do When Filing for Divorce

What to do When You’re Ready to File for Divorce in Florida

Ending your marriage is not a decision you enter lightly. The dissolution of marriage in Florida has not just legal repercussions, but emotional side effects as well.

However, if you are thinking about filing for divorce, there are steps you can take to better prepare you for the legal proceedings that will follow.

1. Know Your Financial Situation

Having a detailed and documented knowledge of your assets, income and expenses will be helpful to you and your legal team as the process moves forward. A record of and access to your financial records, such as bank statements, credit card statements, and tax returns will help your legal team devise a strategic plan for your case.

2. Update Estate Planning Documents

Update important documents such as wills, trusts, pension documents, and advanced medical directives as soon as possible and make sure to take care of important financial transactions prior to filing for divorce.

3. Set Money Aside

It is important to set aside money if you are planning to file for divorce and place valuables in a safety deposit box. You never know if your spouse will attempt to freeze your assets or restrict your access to joint bank accounts once divorce proceedings are underway.

4. Keep a Journal

If child custody needs to be determined during your divorce proceedings – and especially if child custody requests will be challenged during the process – it is a good idea to keep a written journal that demonstrates how involved you are in your children’s daily lives. Keeping a history of your parental involvement can help a judge decide child custody agreements and parental visitation arrangements.

5. See a Therapist

Divorce can be an emotionally trying and stressful time. Having a safe and confidential space where you can freely share your thoughts and feelings can help you during the divorce process.  Talking to a therapist can help you feel more confident and in control during a divorce.


Being prepared will help you feel more in control of the next phase of your life and how your divorce proceedings will go.