How COVID-19 Affects Family Law Proceedings in Florida

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Navigating Florida Family Law During COVID-19

Florida Courts are committed to operating at the fullest extent while still following public safety guidelines. The public has a constitutional right to the courts. According to the most recent COVID-19 order from the Florida Supreme Court, judges are required to do everything they can to allow a case to carry on with the use of technology.

Judges have also continued reviewing non-emergency cases to the extent possible depending on the amount of evidence and number of witnesses.

According to the court order, you are no longer required to have Florida Family Law Forms signed or notarized in the presence of a notary as long as you add the following statement along with your signature & the date:

Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read this document and the facts stated in it are true.

Does Alimony Change if Income Changes?

You still need to pay the formerly agreed upon alimony amount during COVID-19, but you may be able to obtain a change in alimony if your circumstances change.

According to Florida state law, you can request alimony payment modification in Tampa when the financial situation of either party significantly changes. Job loss, getting laid off or experiencing a pay cut as a result of COVID-19 all count as substantial & involuntary changes to income.

How to Get a Florida Child Support Modification during COVID-19?

Similar to alimony payments, you can request child support modification in Tampa if there’s been a significant, permanent, and involuntary change in either party’s income.

While you cannot simply stop paying, the sooner you file the motion, the more quickly you’ll be able to have your payments altered to accommodate the loss of income.

COVID-19 Time Sharing Guidelines in Florida

The current stay at home orders do not change Florida parenting plans or timesharing. Follow all court-ordered time sharing plans. If there is a question about the safety of your children in regards to timesharing, contact a Tampa child custody lawyer to discuss your options.

Can you file for Florida Divorce while in Quarantine?

You can still file any family law case in Florida, including filing for dissolution of marriage during COVID-19. If you realize quarantine has put a strain on your marriage, you are not alone. Experts anticipate an increase in divorce rates due to COVID-19. While we hope that is not the case, please contact us if you have questions concerning a dissolution of marriage.

How to get help with Domestic Violence During COVID-19

With more people stuck at home with their abusers, there has been a significant increase in people filing domestic violence emergency protective orders in Tampa. If you or someone you love is the victim of spousal abuse or child abuse, let them know that domestic violence shelters in Tampa are still available to provide assistance.