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How to Establish Paternity in Tampa, FL

We understand that establishing paternity can be hard and at times confusing, especially when there are many parties involved. Whether you’ve been served a Notice of Proceeding to Establish Paternity or simply want to know the paternity of your child, there are steps you can take to make the process easier on everyone. We’ve gathered a detailed list to clarify the different ways you can establish paternity in Tampa, FL.

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How Property Division Works in Divorce

When you have built a life and marriage together, there is an accumulation of property that will need to be divided up with the dissolution of the relationship. In Florida, divorce law states that all assets and liabilities are distributed between the parties based on “equitable distribution”. This means that marital property is divided equitably or fairly, not necessarily equally.
Marital and non-marital property will be considered when deciding upon distribution:

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How to Co-Parent After Divorce

mom and dad co-parenting
Co-parenting after a divorce is difficult. For most people, getting along with their former spouse in the parenting process was already challenging during the marriage. There can be communication, trust, and emotional barriers that still linger between the two parties even after the marriage is resolved. But when children are involved, you must co-parent after a divorce in a way that protects your child and brings them the most emotional stability.
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Preventing Divorce: Do’s and Don’ts

Couple wondering how to avoid divorce

The key to avoiding divorce is to realize that your relationship will always need to be worked on. People believe that the day they exchanged ‘I do’s,’ the deal was done. But that’s not true: The relationship is still vulnerable. You can’t take your spouse for granted. Once you win them over, you have to keep winning them over every day. The hard work isn’t over when you get hitched. It’s just beginning.

So we’ve laid out an exhaustive list of steps you can take to help you avoid getting a divorce. These won’t work if you think it will happen overnight. Rekindling the spark you and your spouse once had will take some work, but let us tell you, it is worth it.

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How COVID-19 Affects Family Law Proceedings in Florida

Mom and Son

Navigating Florida Family Law During COVID-19

Florida Courts are committed to operating at the fullest extent while still following public safety guidelines. The public has a constitutional right to the courts. According to the most recent COVID-19 order from the Florida Supreme Court, judges are required to do everything they can to allow a case to carry on with the use of technology.

Judges have also continued reviewing non-emergency cases to the extent possible depending on the amount of evidence and number of witnesses.

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We’re Here for you through COVID-19

Make a Virtual Appointment with LaFrance Family Law

In the wake of the current medical and economic hardship our community is facing, we at LaFrance Family Law want to assure all current and future clients that we are dedicated to making all adjustments necessary to continue moving forward. That means that effective immediately, we will be transitioning to an online meeting format for the foreseeable future.

We are still accepting new clients, and we will make all necessary arrangements to continue helping current clients.

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Does Domestic Violence Increase During the Holidays?

Understanding how the Holidays Influence Abuse

There is a misconception that domestic violence rates spike during the holiday season – generally from Thanksgiving through the New Year. A rise in stress levels, combined with family spending so much time together, often creates this idea that physical violence rates increase. However, the reality seems to paint a very different picture.

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What to do if your Ex Won’t Follow Custody Plan over the Holidays

6 Steps to Take when Your Ex won’t Obey Child Custody Rules over the Holidays

The holidays can be an emotional time for any family, but divorce tends to make things particularly difficult. Even if you and your ex ended on good terms, it’s not uncommon for the holiday season to cause tension where there normally isn’t any.

Otherwise reasonable parents often stray from their agreed upon parenting plans this time of year so they can get more time with their children. It is not okay, but it happens more often than people might expect. If you find that your ex is being unfair with time sharing over the holidays, follow this step-by-step guide on how to handle the situation.

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Do You Really Need to Pay Alimony in Florida?

Why do I need to pay alimony?

The main reason someone will need to pay alimony, or spousal support as it’s now often called, is to make sure their spouse will be able to maintain a reasonable standard of living after divorce. For example, if one spouse is the primary source of income in the relationship, that person’s financial capabilities will skyrocket after divorce, and the other person’s will plummet.

Unlike other divorce laws, determining alimony in Florida varies from one situation to the next. While there are some guidelines to help establish how much someone might owe, there are no concrete rules judges need to follow to come up with an exact dollar amount.

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