5 Things To Look For In a Divorce Attorney

Top Five Things to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Learn the Best Qualities Every Attorney Should Have

There are so many good lawyers in a given county that are all working hard to help people navigate through the laws of their country and state. When you are going through a divorce, it can be overwhelming to determine who is going to be the best lawyer for you.

There are several things to consider when choosing a divorce attorney. Below are our top qualities we think all the best attorneys should have to help their clients get the most out of the divorce process.

1. Find an attorney that makes you feel comfortable

Googling divorce attorneys will bring you the list of lawyers who have the best websites and most marketing resources, but not necessarily the best lawyer for you. Identifying early in the separation that you need a lawyer will allow you time to seek recommendations. Meet with lawyers to see who you feel most comfortable with and can trust.

2. Find an attorney that communicates well

Your divorce attorney should return your phone calls and emails promptly and work diligently to move your case along. Your divorce lawyer should be able to explain the laws, the process, the issues, and give you recommendations. You should feel like your input on the issues is acknowledged and taken into consideration.

3. Find an attorney that is straight forward in billing

You want a lawyer that will be transparent in their billing. Giving you numerous itemized billing statements, so you know the work being done and the money being spent.

4. Find an attorney that is not afraid of trial

While you will want to complete your divorce as quickly as possible, you want a lawyer who is not afraid to take your case to trial and let the judge rule on issues that you haven’t been able to resolve. A lawyer that tries to force you to settle your case is not a good divorce lawyer.

5. Be sure to hire an attorney that specializes in Family Law and Marital Divorce

Most lawyers can help you with divorce, but one that specializes has the most relevant knowledge and will know many of the judges.

Getting through this emotionally draining time trusting that you have the support and knowledge of a lawyer by your side, will save you some of the turmoil and heartaches that can accompany messy divorces.