Top 5 Things to Do in a Divorce

How to Prepare for a Divorce in Florida

It is said that divorce is one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. As divorce lawyers, we see the fear, sadness, stress, anger, hurt and a range of other emotions that are triggered when a relationship ends. Try not make any rash, rushed decisions during this time. We often want to get the pain over quickly and concede to things that we may regret later.

Keep reading for some tips to for how to be prepared when divorce appears to be imminent.

Take Pictures of Property

This may not be the first thing you are thinking, but it will be important as your divorce process continues. Begin to document everything that you own with photos including your home, the contents within as well as automobiles and other possessions. Indicate the date you took the photos by placing a daily newspaper in the photo or verify a time stamp is in the photo file. Knowing your marital assets can become helpful when splitting property.

Gather Financial Documents

Start to gather your financial documents immediately as they will be part of your mandatory disclosure. You are going to need it all: tax records, bank account statements, retirement and investment records, credit card statements and any other documents revealing debt. You may want to consider and gather records of any funds contributed or efforts you have made to improve property that was brought into the marriage.

Don’t Rush to Move Out

Only you can determine who needs to move out and when. Be cautious, because it will be taken into consideration when splitting assets. Consult with an attorney before making a move.

Update Your Will

Once created, most don’t think about their will that often, but it is a binding legal document. You may want to update your will to reflect the new situation.

File for Divorce as Soon as You’re Sure Divorce is Imminent

If you and your spouse are living separately, but have not yet completed the divorce process any accumulated debt may be both sides responsibility even if you were not the one to create the debt. If you know for sure you are getting divorce, file the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage promptly to avoid any financial surprise.

Your friends will give you advice, your ex may push and intimidate but your lawyer has the best knowledge of the laws of your state. Let them be your ally in getting a divorce that is fair and doesn’t cause you long-term stress or regret after the dissolution.