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When you go to a website, you immediately get an impression of the company. The impression comes from the visual layout and the content within the site. Often, we go to a website to get a feel for the product and what we might be ordering. We can look up the features and see if the product fits our needs. It is a little different when you hit a law firm’s website. Typically you have found a law firm’s site because you need some help, possibly through a very difficult personal experience.

In that case, a lawyer’s website can fall short in giving you a full picture of not just the services offered but the people that make up the law firm. These are people you will need to work with every day on sensitive issues that may be some of the most important of your life. We are Shannon and Chris LaFrance and we want you to know who we are and what we represent as people in our community. We live and work in the Tampa Bay area and we love this vibrant City and everything it has to offer. Our two teenage kids go to school in South Tampa and their grandparents live close by. We have a vested interest in ensuring the health and prosperity of the Bay area and that includes its families.

My passion is the well-being of kids and families. Much of my career has been centered around supporting this agenda and doing what I can to help families in need. I serve as a Guardian ad Litem in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit dependency courts. A Guardian ad Litem is a volunteer appointed by the court to advocate for the best interests of a child involved in a dependency court proceeding. These children come into the court system primarily as a result of alleged abuse, neglect or abandonment. This is hard but very rewarding work. It is worth every minute of my time because these children need our help.

When I was a county legislator, I kept the well-being of children and families a top priority by helping to establish an amber alert system with the county sheriff and by helping special needs kids get the services they needed.

My husband, Chris, is also committed to the local community. He is active in supporting Tampa Bay youth sports whether it be flag football, tennis, hockey, boxing or any of the other sports enjoyed by kids in the area. He is a member of state and local bar association family law groups and BNI Movers and Shakers in Carrolwood and is dedicated to helping the fathers, mothers and grandparents that come to us. He is driven to succeed on their behalf.

We are a family of lawyers that can help you through your family law issues whether you are struggling with divorce, custody, child support, parental rights, guardianships or any other related matters. Collectively, we have over 40 years of litigation experience. Our phone consultations are free. Call us if you think you might need us. We look forward to hearing from you.