We’re Here for you through COVID-19

Make a Virtual Appointment with LaFrance Family Law

In the wake of the current medical and economic hardship our community is facing, we at LaFrance Family Law want to assure all current and future clients that we are dedicated to making all adjustments necessary to continue moving forward. That means that effective immediately, we will be transitioning to an online meeting format for the foreseeable future.

We are still accepting new clients, and we will make all necessary arrangements to continue helping current clients.

You are our number one priority during this uncertain time. We will not let the need to alter protocol interfere with the care and dedication we give to every one of our clients.

If you or someone you know is facing a family legal matter that we can help you with, please contact LaFrance Family Law. We’re still here for you.

Will Coronavirus affect Divorce Rates?

Many couples are finding it difficult to navigate new routines as people are forced to work from home, or unfortunately out of work entirely. Because of the stress these situations cause, it is predicted that there will be a rise in both domestic violence and divorce rates.

If you’ve experienced violence in the home, please seek help immediately. As of this posting, many local domestic violence shelters and hotlines are still in operation.

How does COVID-19 affect Florida Law?

The Florida Supreme Court has issued an order that states all non-essential court matters be heard electronically. As a result, many judges and mediators are successfully transitioning to different digital communication formats, including video conferencing and phone calls.

We are confident in our ability to transition all new client consultations and current client meetings to an online format. If you need legal help in the Tampa area, please contact us now to schedule your virtual meeting.