Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Why Need a Divorce LawyerReasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Florida

It can be tempting to forego consulting a lawyer when preparing for a divorce, but representing yourself in any legal matter is not as easy as it may sound. Those who choose to represent themselves in legal procedures without the aid of an attorney are known as “pro se”.

Although you have the right to represent yourself in a court of law, many do not understand that choosing to do so means that the courts will expect you to follow the same rules and procedures that an attorney must follow.

Representing yourself in court requires researching precedents on local, state and federal issues relevant to your case that must be followed by Florida judges. Judges are not permitted to give any legal advice, as this may violate the principle of impartiality. Court staff are also restricted from providing legal advice. Even filling out forms is considered legal advice and you will need to seek the assistance of a licensed attorney if you have any questions before submission.
The knowledge of the system is why finding an experienced divorce lawyer is so important. Unfortunately, it is very common to consult with an attorney after the divorce is finalized only to learn that you have given more than you should have or failed to maximize things like time with your children or alimony. The lawyers at LaFrance Law are trained in the various laws and regulations in Florida, including property and debt division, alimony awards, child custody and more. We understand the procedural rules that must be followed when raising issues during the divorce process.

Although the desire to put your divorce behind you as quickly as possible or minimizing legal fees makes representing yourself seem like the best option, you may find yourself in an agreement that you do not fully understand. By finding an experienced lawyer to represent you during your divorce you can avoid mistakes or regrets.

LaFrance Law is familiar with the rules and regulations that the Family and Dependency Courts in the Tampa Bay area expect. We understand that every case calls for a unique approach in order to reach the best possible resolution. Contact us via the sidebar form or by giving us a call at (813) 930-5542.